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A VPN will hide your real IP address from the government and stop hackers from stealing your data. Moreover, you can use a VPN to unblock geo-restricted content.

It is important to find a reliable France VPN that offers high security and speed. It should also be easy to use. Choose one with intuitive apps for major operating systems and a money-back guarantee.


If you work or live in France and want to keep your private data secure, you need a VPN that will make sure no one can spy on you. CyberGhost is a good choice for this, as it offers military-grade encryption and strong protocols that ensure your data stays safe. Plus, it has a no-logs policy and a 45-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out for yourself without risking losing any of your privacy.

The best part about CyberGhost is its huge server fleet, which consists of 8000 servers in 91 countries, making it one of the largest VPN providers around. Its coverage is excellent, particularly in Europe and the Americas.

Best VPN for streaming - Streaming with HBO MAx, Netflix and Hulu

Compared to other VPN services, CyberGhost’s servers are fast. In a speed test, it averaged 144 Mbps on its Australian servers and reached peak speeds of 327 Mbps on Paris servers.

Another bonus is that CyberGhost offers a dedicated IP option, which means you get a unique IP address every time you connect to a server. It’s a great option for people who need a consistent IP address, like seeders and torrenters.

You can also add an ad-blocking feature to your account, which should save you a lot of bandwidth and stop annoying ads from loading on mobile devices. You can also use the Best Server Location feature, which will automatically select the fastest server based on your location and network.

Best VPN for Windows
Best VPN for Windows

In addition, CyberGhost’s app is available for most operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android. It has step-by-step tutorials and a 24/7 customer support service that can answer any questions you have.

The app is easy to use, with a streamlined user interface and a host of useful features, including Smart Rules. You can even set up the app to automatically start when you boot your computer. This makes it a breeze to use, especially if you have multiple computers at home or at the office.

CyberGhost’s app is available for Linux and Mac. It’s a bit buggy on Fedora 32, though.

While it does have a no-logs policy, the company does log certain user hardware data as well. This is a small amount of information, and CyberGhost says it’s used to improve the service.

For most people CyberGhost VPN is a great choice.

This isn’t a huge concern, however, as most other VPNs don’t collect this kind of info. It’s also worth noting that CyberGhost is headquartered in Romania, which has some of the world’s most privacy-friendly laws.

CyberGhost also has a comprehensive FAQ and how-to guide that cover the most common VPN issues. You can also contact the company for help if you encounter any issues with your connection or subscription.


PIA VPN is one of the most affordable options in the market, making it perfect for any office that is looking to secure their network. It also has a great reputation for security and privacy, so you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

Getting started with PIA is easy. After signing up for a free account, you can download the app from their website and use it to protect your Internet browsing. It’s also compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

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In addition, PIA VPN has an excellent selection of servers in a variety of countries. This allows you to unblock geo-restricted content and avoid blackouts. Moreover, the company’s average connection speed of 94 Mbps makes it a great choice for those who like to stream on their laptops.

Another great feature of PIA is its kill switch, which automatically shuts down your VPN connection in case your network goes down for a period of time. This ensures that no personal information is leaked and that you remain protected even when your VPN is offline.

The app itself is very user-friendly, and it has plenty of features that can help you customize your PIA connection. You can choose the encryption level, enable or disable IPv6 traffic, block the local network, and more. The app’s settings panel also lets you set the VPN to launch on system start.

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Aside from its intuitive interface, PIA VPN also provides great support. It has a knowledgebase, setup guides, and email support. Users can also provide feedback if they’d like the company to fix an existing issue or add a new function.

It also has a number of security features that make it a solid option for any office in France. These include a no-logging policy, an automatic kill switch, and DNS leak protection. PIA also has a dedicated IP server, which is useful for those who need to access specific content.

PIA is one of the best VPNs for French users because it has a large network with servers in 84 countries. This includes servers in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, and many other countries.

When it comes to security, PIA uses the most secure encryption algorithms available. This includes AES-128 and AES-256, which are the standard encryption protocols used by governments and financial institutions. You can easily upgrade to these strong encryption levels and optimize your VPN settings for your needs.

Private Internet Access also has an impressive no-logs policy, and the company has never been accused of leaking or sharing private data. In fact, PIA’s no-logs policy has been proven in a court of law. In 2018, a US government agency pressured PIA to release private information, but they never did.


If you want to keep your office connected without compromising privacy, PrivadoVPN is a great VPN for you. It’s based in Switzerland, one of the most privacy-friendly countries in the world, and has a number of features that make it stand out from other top VPNs.

Firstly, it uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data, which is the same encryption used by banks and military bases. This helps ensure that your information is safe from hackers and unwanted surveillance. It also comes with a no-logs policy, which means that it does not log your Internet traffic and IP address.

Its network is made up of 320 servers, spread across 59 cities in 46 different countries. This is a good amount of server coverage for a VPN, as it provides users with a wide variety of choices when choosing a location to connect to.

However, a small network doesn’t mean it has better performance; in fact, the smaller a VPN’s server coverage is, the more likely they are to have congestion problems and poor speeds. This is why a lot of the best-rated VPNs have large networks.

On the other hand, some VPNs have a smaller network but still offer fast and secure connections. They do this by using physical servers, which are more secure and faster than virtual ones.

You can choose from a variety of servers, including some in popular locations like the US and the UK. You can also select your desired speed in Mbps and bandwidth, as well as the type of connection.

The desktop app is very well designed and easy to use. It has all the basics you need to set up your VPN, including a kill switch and autoconnect options. You can also set up split tunneling, which enables you to restrict the apps that can use your VPN connection.

When connecting to a server, you can select whether you want to use PPTP or L2TP, as well as whether to use an OpenVPN or SoftEther VPN. Once you have chosen your settings, you can start streaming or browsing on your computer.

It also has a decent range of devices to connect to, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can connect up to five devices at a time, which is plenty for most people.

There are several different tiers of service, including a free plan that is limited in some features. This plan doesn’t give you access to all the servers, so it’s best to go for a paid plan if you want to enjoy more features.

On the downside, PrivadoVPN does not accept cryptocurrencies, so you’ll need to pay with a credit card or PayPal. It also does not offer a dedicated phone line. This can be a big downside, as you won’t be able to get assistance quickly if you need it.


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