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Vietnam is a communist country that restricts internet use and censors social media. It also arrests people who write blogs that criticize the government.

Using a VPN can help you bypass this censorship. However, it is important to choose a service with strong encryption and robust privacy protections.

CyberGhost is our VPN choice for families

CyberGhost is a Romanian-based VPN service with an audited no-logs policy and one of the largest server networks on the market. It is also affordable and easy to use, making it a great choice for families.

When selecting a VPN for Vietnam, it is important to choose a provider with an excellent privacy policy and an unbreakable commitment to keeping your data safe. The best way to do this is to find a service that has undergone an independent audit of its data retention policies.

Best VPN for streaming - Streaming with HBO MAx, Netflix and Hulu

A no-logs policy is crucial because it means that your personal details aren’t linked to any activity that you perform on the VPN. This is especially true when you’re using it for streaming, torrenting, and other activities that may require the use of personal information.

The privacy policy also says that CyberGhost will share user details with legal authorities if it’s determined that you’re breaking the law (for example, by stealing or distributing copyrighted content). This is not an issue for most people, but it’s certainly worth knowing about.

Its server network is also impressive, with 7000+ servers in 90+ countries and dedicated servers for gaming, streaming, and P2P file sharing. You can access the full list of servers from the client’s main screen or expand them to your favorites for easier access.

Best VPN for Windows
Best VPN for Windows

During our speed tests, we found that CyberGhost’s servers did not experience significant speed drops during the connection phase. This is a great sign for any VPN, as speed loss can be devastating.

Another great feature is its small packet size option, which can increase your connection speed by 190% on average. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on iOS, but Android users get a data compression option that works well.

If you’re on a budget, then CyberGhost’s annual plan is an excellent option. It comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is one of the longest on the market and enables you to test the service risk-free.

Overall, CyberGhost is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and secure VPN in 2023. Its no-logs policy, massive server network, and a 30-day money-back guarantee make it a great choice for anyone looking to secure their online privacy.

For most people CyberGhost VPN is a great choice.

SurfShark & NordVPN are great in Vietnam

A great VPN in Vietnam for families will give you a safe connection, allow you to bypass geo-restricted content, and protect your privacy. Whether you want to watch a movie or listen to music on public Wi-Fi, or unblock websites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video from anywhere in the world, a good VPN is your best bet.

A good VPN will also encrypt your internet traffic to prevent the government from spying on you, and it should offer an auto-connect feature that allows you to connect automatically to a server once you’re connected. This ensures you’ll always have a reliable connection, without slowing down your speed.

There are some free VPNs out there, but they often severely throttle your connection speeds and aren’t a good choice for torrenting. That’s because they reserve a lion’s share of their server bandwidth for paid users.

This is why you need a good paid VPN, especially one that lets you secure up to 5 simultaneous connections. In addition, it should also have a money-back guarantee to ensure you can try out its service risk-free.

We recommend CyberGhost if you want better streaming (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, EPSN, Disney+, Eurosport and many others)

If you’re looking for a VPN with a huge global server network, look no further than CyberGhost. It offers a large selection of easy-to-use apps that let you connect to servers in countries all over the world, including many in Asia. It has a variety of features, such as full leak protection and a kill switch, so you can be confident your data won’t be compromised.

Another excellent option is NordVPN. Its incredibly vast server network covers more than 55 countries, including Vietnam. The VPN’s “Quick Connect” feature will help you find the best available server for your needs.

It also has a strong encryption, and has been audited to ensure its no-logs policy is transparent and effective. Its “Multi-Hop” server option encrypts your connection by passing it through 2 VPN servers.

VPN Price Comparison 2024

Company1 Month6 Months1 Year2 Year3 Year-
CyberGhost$12,99$6,99-$2,19-Visit Website
NordVPN$11,99-$4,99$3,69-Visit Website

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$2,03Visit Website
ExpressVPN$12,95$9,99$8,32--Visit Website
SurfShark$12,95-$3,99$2,49-Visit Website
  -  - 


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$3,99-Visit Website

The best Vietnamese VPNs will provide a range of security features, including a kill switch and DNS leak protection. They will also protect your data from malware, spam, and phishing. In addition, they should offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test out the service for 30 days to make sure it’s the right fit for your needs.

PIA VPN best for US content – Vietnam

Vietnam’s strict censorship laws have made it difficult to access US content, but PIA VPN offers a safe and secure way to do so. It encrypts your data and hides your IP address so that trackers and advertisers cannot identify you. It also enables you to stream content from other countries without fear of being blocked.

Private Internet Access has a large network of servers in 84 countries, so you can easily connect to one of them no matter where you are. Its high-performance OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols combine to provide a fast, reliable connection that’s great for torrenting or streaming TV shows and movies. PIA’s next-generation servers produce speeds of up to 10 Gbps, so you can stream as much content as you want with no downtime.

With a no-logs policy that’s been audited by Deloitte, you can rest easy knowing that PIA doesn’t store your data. Plus, you can use PIA’s DNS/IP leak protection and kill switch to further protect your privacy.

PIA’s VPN works on all major devices, including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux. It’s also available on smart TVs and routers, so you can enjoy a fully protected connection no matter where you go.

Its no-logging policy prevents PIA from collecting and storing your IP address, browsing history, connection logs, bandwidth usage and DNS queries. Its 256-bit encryption keeps your information safe and unreadable.

You can also protect your privacy by enabling WebRTC encryption, which prevents websites from recording your data. Moreover, you can block advertisements and trackers with PIA’s ad blocking features, so your browsing experience is as private as possible.

With the help of a dedicated PIA team, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure at all times. You can contact them via live chat, submit a support ticket or check their comprehensive support portal to find solutions to any problem you may have.

PIA’s 24/7 customer support is always there for you to help you get the most out of your subscription. You can also take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your service.

Why your need a VPN in Vietnam

A VPN is an essential tool for expats living in Vietnam. It provides robust digital privacy and prevents censorship by masking your real IP address so you can access blocked content online. In addition to protecting you from government surveillance, a VPN can also prevent hackers and malicious advertisers from stealing your personal information.

The Vietnamese government has strict internet censorship laws that prohibit citizens from accessing certain websites and services. This includes access to social media platforms, blogs, and instant messengers like Viber and WhatsApp. The government has also been criticized by Reporters Without Borders for its lack of press freedom and has been known to arrest bloggers who express their opinions in writing or via social media.

It’s important to choose a VPN that’s suitable for Vietnam and has servers in the country. This will make your connection much faster and easier, as well as ensure that your data stays safe from hackers and government spying.

Moreover, your choice of VPN should include robust encryption standards and HMAC authentication. It should have a killswitch to cut your internet connection in case the server you are connecting to crashes unexpectedly.

Another important feature to look for is a money-back guarantee. This will give you peace of mind and a chance to try the service out first.

For example, CyberGhost VPN offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and it comes with a variety of features that will help you secure your internet. It also uses 256-bit encryption, so you can rest assured that your data is protected and secure.

Additionally, CyberGhost’s network includes fast servers that are located in countries around the world, including Vietnam. This makes it a great choice for expats who need a reliable VPN in 2023, as it offers the best speed and encryption standards available.

If you are looking for the best VPN for families in 2023, CyberGhost is our top recommendation. Its network is fast, has strong encryption, and has a kill switch to protect your connection from hackers. Its prices are reasonable and you can use it on up to 10 devices at once.


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