Best VPN Server in Oregon – September 2022

If you live in Oregon, you might want to look into a VPN provider. If not, here are some options to consider: CyberGhost, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and PIA VPN. CyberGhost and ExpressVPN are among the best VPN services in Oregon, and NordVPN offers a good discount during September. PIA VPN, headquartered in the United States, is another good choice.

Be sure to get great value for your money!

Best Oregon choice 2022: CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a budget-friendly option with great online privacy and security. It can unblock most streaming services and comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. It’s easy to install and use. It also comes with a strict no-logs policy.

If you’re looking for a great VPN that’s available worldwide, CyberGhost is an excellent choice. The company offers over 7900 servers in 91 countries, with at least four servers in each country. It has a large presence in the U.S. and Germany, with over 1000 servers.

NordVPN has a great September discount

If you are in Oregon and looking for a VPN service, then NordVPN has an excellent September discount. The discount lasts through September 30th and includes 62% off the regular monthly price of the two-year plan, plus a free month. The discounts are applied automatically. To avail the discount, visit and click on the “Sale” tab at the top.

Best VPN for streaming - Streaming with HBO MAx, Netflix and Hulu

NordVPN also offers discounts for students. Their two-year plan is discounted by up to 66%, and you can save as much as 45% if you are a student. To take advantage of the student discount, simply provide your university information and birthday. You can also take advantage of other promotions and discounts from NordVPN.

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and unlimited data for just $75. This is an excellent deal if you need to secure up to six devices. In addition to this, it also offers a free trial and a money-back guarantee. You can also download its software for free.

The discount is valid for new customers in Oregon and Washington. It offers double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption, and has 3,521 server locations in 61 countries. Furthermore, NordVPN has a no-log policy and works on most operating systems. In addition, you can connect six devices with one NordVPN account. You can also sign up for a two-year plan to get even better discounts.

Best VPN for Windows
Best VPN for Windows

PIA VPN has its Headquarters in United States

If you’re looking for a VPN that will protect your privacy, you should check out PIA VPN. It’s a well-respected service that’s headquartered in the United States and has been in business for nearly two decades. PIA has a lot of support from organizations such as the Software Freedom Conservancy and Blender. It also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox that allow you to use it from your browser.

Another plus of this VPN is its no-logs policy. They only keep a limited amount of data and delete it after the user disconnects. Additionally, Private Internet Access is based in the United States, and operates under US laws. The United States does not have mandatory data retention laws, but US VPN providers are still legally required to present their data if the government requests it.

PIA is also known for its great security features. The VPN’s software uses secure VPN protocols such as OpenVPN and WireGuard. It also offers varying encryption levels from AES-128 to AES-256. The VPN also supports a variety of authentication methods, including SHA1 and SHA256. PIA VPN’s software is also open-source and has no proprietary software.

PIA also offers support for routers, but you’ll have to manually configure it. It’s compatible with DD-WRT, Merlin, PFSense, and Tomato routers. It also supports smart TVs and allows you to stream Netflix. In addition, PIA VPN has developed an ad blocking feature called MACE, which blocks online ads at the DNS level.

For most people CyberGhost VPN is a great choice.

ExpressVPN is fast in Oregon

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN services in Oregon. Its network is spread across 93 countries, with over 3,000 servers. The company is constantly expanding its network, so you can always count on a fast connection, regardless of your location. However, you should know that the speed of your connection will be affected by how far you are located from a VPN server.

ExpressVPN uses military-grade encryption and advanced security features to keep your connection secure. Their encryption keys cannot be cracked by hackers, and they have a no-logs policy that has been tested in court and by leading auditing firms. They also offer a number of native applications for a number of popular devices. The only downside is that they don’t have native apps for every major operating system.

ExpressVPN also provides customer support that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The company’s support staff is helpful and knowledgeable and will respond to your queries quickly and efficiently. In addition, they have a simple one-click setup process. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be taken to a download page where you can choose a location and start using ExpressVPN.

Another key feature of ExpressVPN is its ability to provide IP addresses from countries with restrictive internet policies. Since many countries have strict rules regarding access to the internet, finding a reliable VPN provider that offers fast connections in these countries is tough. The company’s servers are not located in these countries. Instead, they are located close to the targeted country, allowing users to enjoy faster speeds.

We recommend CyberGhost if you want better streaming (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, EPSN, Disney+, Eurosport and many others)

Get SurfShark risk free with Money-back guarantee

Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day risk-free trial. This means that you’ll never lose anything if you decide you don’t like the service. If you decide to cancel the trial, just contact Surfshark via email and you’ll get a full refund.

If you’re not happy with the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time during the first thirty days. The company’s customer support representatives will attempt to help you resolve any problems you may have with the service. If this proves impossible, you can always request a refund.

The Surfshark money-back guarantee offers an extra 30 days of use so that you can test the service before you decide whether to pay for it. However, it’s important to note that the money-back guarantee doesn’t apply to paid subscriptions. Free trials are usually limited in features and don’t let you evaluate the service to its full potential. However, Surfshark gives you full access to its features, which means you can test all aspects of the VPN service to see if it suits your needs.

VPN Price Comparison 2022

Company1 Month6 Months1 Year2 Year3 Year-
CyberGhost$12,99-$4,29$3,25$2,29Visit Website
NordVPN$11,99-$4,99$3,69-Visit Website
PIA$11,99$7,50-$2,19-Visit Website
ExpressVPN$12,95$9,99$8,32--Visit Website
SurfShark$12,95-$3,99$2,49-Visit Website
Atlas VPN$10,95-$3,29$2,05-Visit Website

After the free trial ends, Surfshark will automatically charge you for the subscription. To cancel, you must log in to your Google Play account and turn off auto-renewal. After that, you must contact Surfshark’s customer support to inform them of your decision. The entire process should not take more than five business days.

Why is a VPN so important in Oregon 2022?

A VPN is a good way to protect yourself on the internet. It protects your personal information from being stolen by hackers and big tech companies. A VPN uses military grade encryption to ensure your data is encrypted and is inaccessible to anyone monitoring your activity. VPNs allow you to unblock geo-blocked websites, ensure your private messages remain private, and protect your mobile devices.

While some people may argue that collabs between blogs and VPN providers benefit everyone, the practice raises questions about the quality of VPN services. In 2021, Democratic lawmakers cited a study that found that many VPN providers spread false information. In fact, 12 out of 16 providers marketed false products and made false claims about their security.

The lawmakers are worried that VPN providers are providing information to authorities. They believe these companies are taking unfair advantage of their customers by giving them information about their activity online. This can be dangerous for people seeking an abortion online because they don’t want their information shared with anyone. If this happens, they may end up facing jail time and even losing their jobs.

VPNs also cloak your identity and prevent third-party websites from tracking your online activity. For example, online shopping websites can track your activities and hike up the prices when you visit again. Similarly, some online shops change their prices based on your geographic location.

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Server lists in the United States

PIA server list

US Chicago, US Silicon Valley, US New York, US Phoenix, US Dallas, US Los Angeles US Washington DC, US Seattle, US Las Vegas, US Trenton, US Houston, US Miami, US Atlanta, US Denver, US Wilmington, US Baltimore, US Honolulu, US Salt Lake City, US Birmingham, US Louisville, US Charlotte, US Columbia, US Nashville, US Virginia Beach, US Charleston US Little Rock, US New Orleans, US Wichita, US Jackson, US Albuquerque, US Oklahoma City US Kansas City, US Portland - Maine, US Boston, US Concord, US Bridgeport, US Burlington US Providence, US Philadelphia, US Billings, US Fargo, US Portland - Oregon, US Boise US Indianapolis, US Des Moines, US Detroit, US Minneapolis, US Omaha, US Milwaukee US Columbus, US Sioux Falls, US Anchorage, US Cheyenne
Visit their website

NordVPN server list

Atlanta, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Manassas, Miami, New York Phoenix, Saint Louis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle
Visit their website

CyberGhostVPN server list (1353 servers in US)

Atlanta (66 servers), Chicago (56 servers),Dallas (70 servers), Las Vegas (62 servers), Los Angeles (124 servers), Miami (113 servers), New York (442 servers), Phoenix (52 servers) San Francisco (45 servers), Seattle (47 servers), Washington (276 servers)
Visit their website

ExpressVPN server list

USA - Atlanta, USA - Chicago, USA - Dallas, USA - Dallas - 2, USA - Denver, USA - Lincoln Park, USA - Los Angeles - 1, USA - Los Angeles - 2, USA - Los Angeles - 3, USA - Los Angeles - 5, USA - Miami, USA - Miami - 2, USA - New Jersey - 1, USA - New Jersey - 2, USA - New Jersey - 3, USA - New York, USA - Phoenix, USA - Salt Lake City, USA - San Francisco USA - Santa Monica, USA - Seattle, USA - Tampa - 1, USA - Washington DC
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