Can a VPN see my passwords?

Can a VPN see my passwords?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is only able to see your passwords if HTTPS un-encrypted connections are made to websites.

Password protection – a good reason to use a VPN

Hackers find it very hard to hack into secure communications such as encrypted VPN connections and websites that have an encrypted connection. If you use secure HTTPS encrypted connections it makes it nearly impossible for any VPN to see any of your private digital information such as passwords.

It is possible for VPNs to install malware onto your computer that can steal passwords as you type them into a webpage. Below are some tips for how to ensure that your passwords and private information are protected when using a VPN.

Don’t Use Free VPNs

VPNs that are available for free really are ‘too good to be true’ and you should be very careful when using these. Some freely available VPNs are designed to steal online information from unsuspecting users, such as passwords.

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Use VPNs that are Reputable

Instead of using a free VPN, it is best to use a reputable, paid-for VPN provider to minimize the chances of your passwords and other digital information being stolen. 

These VPN providers are running a reputable business that relies on protecting their customers to ensure their business continues to grow and thrive. Those providers will endeavor to ensure that when their customers connect using their VPN they are doing so without their private data being compromised. 

These VPN providers will also offer strong encryption which will increase the level of protection and security of your online information.

Best VPN for Windows
Best VPN for Windows

Avoid Plug in VPNs

Some VPN businesses provide their service as a plugin on a web browser, which once installed will send any internet traffic from a web browser through the VPN connection.

If the VPN plugin gets hacked, the hackers will be able to easily set up webpages that will look like common websites, which can fool people into entering sensitive details like passwords. For example, a hacker could set up a fake banking website page where you then input your banking login details. 

It is better to purchase full VPN software that is downloaded on to your computer as this means that all internet traffic will move along an encrypted VPN connection. 

Can a VPN see my passwords?

User comments about VPNs

I have my VPN from CyberGhost on all the time

In my opinion, if you have your VPN from CyberGhost on all the time then you can’t lose. This is because they make sure that their servers are always running and are highly-available to their users and clients.

For most people CyberGhost VPN is a great choice.

This is very important because if one of their servers goes down, the other ones that are also up will still be running and your data will still be safe and secure.

The way that this company operates is really something to behold because they ensure that everything is done right. As a result, your privacy is protected as you surf the internet.

Surfing the internet

It might not sound like much at first, but having your VPN from CyberGhost on all the time is an important consideration. If you’re wondering if there is a reason why you need to make sure that your server is always running, then you should know that this is so that the network that the servers are running on can be used by the people who want to get online.

This is really important because this network is one that is considered to be private and only a select few people will be able to use it. The reason that they are private is because unlike the networks that you can see when surfing the internet, which have many different companies that are offering them for everyone to use, the private networks that a person has access to will only have a few people who want to use them.

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This means that if a person wants to be able to get online without being bothered about their privacy, then this is probably the best solution. As a result, it’s important that a person has their VPN from CyberGhost up all the time so that they will be able to surf the internet as safely as possible.

After all, even if you have your own computer, if it gets infected, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands and figure out how you’re going to stop your computer from crashing.


Do I use a VPN? Yes of course! I've been online for many years, and I have used multiple different VPN services over now and in the past. Be clever and use a good VPN all the time.

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