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Struggling to find a reliable VPN solution for your business or personal use? FortiClient VPN might just be the answer. With its robust security features and user-friendly interface, FortiClient VPN is a powerful tool for accessing geo-restricted content, protecting your devices, and maximizing security. This article will serve as your comprehensive guide to downloading, installing, and utilizing FortiClient VPN to its full potential.

FortiClient VPN is a leading VPN solution known for its key features, including central management, integration with FortiClient EMS, and a seamless installation process. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of downloading the installation file and the installation process itself. Additionally, we will explore the various options for utilizing FortiClient VPN, including configuring VPN connections, accessing geo-restricted content, and ensuring the security of your mobile devices.

Are you ready to take your digital security to the next level? Join us as we delve into the world of FortiClient VPN, uncovering its security fabric, application firewall, and protection against persistent threats. Additionally, we will discuss the trial version, VPN-only version, and how to access educational material and resource center. Let’s get started on your journey to maximizing security and accessing unrestricted content with FortiClient VPN.

Key Features of FortiClient VPN

FortiClient VPN stands out with its robust security offerings for endpoint protection and secure VPN connections. It’s designed for remote users who need a reliable and secure way to access their corporate network from anywhere. Here are some key features:

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Secure Connection: It utilizes top-tier encryption and authentication protocols, guaranteeing that every bit of data transmitted through its VPN tunnel is fully encrypted and secure from potential cyber threats.

NSS Labs Recommended: FortiClient VPN’s credibility is boosted by a strong endorsement from NSS Labs, receiving a Recommended rating based on its exemplary performance in the 2019 Advanced Endpoint Test.

Endpoint Protection: The software isn’t just a VPN; it’s a comprehensive security solution that safeguards devices against malware and botnet activity, ensuring complete security for your enterprise’s critical endpoints.

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User-Friendly Interface: Designed with a focus on user experience, FortiClient VPN provides a straightforward and intuitive interface, enabling users to establish a remote secure connection without any hassle.

Overall, FortiClient VPN is a reliable choice for organizations looking for a blend of advanced security features and user-friendly functionality for secure remote access.

Secure VPN TunnelEncrypts data for safe transmission over the internet
Endpoint ProtectionGuards devices against malware and botnet connections
User-Friendly InterfaceSimplifies the process of establishing a VPN connection
Endorsement by NSS LabsDemonstrates reliability and excellence in security

To download FortiClient VPN, visit their official website and navigate to the Resource Center. For further details or educational material, consider viewing a Product Demo or Contact Sales for tailored advice.

Getting Started with FortiClient VPN

Embarking on the journey to secure your remote access with FortiClient VPN is a straightforward process, tailored to provide a robust secure connection through its advanced features while emphasizing user experience. As you prepare to establish this pivotal component of the Security Fabric, you’ll find that administrative tasks are made easier with FortiClient EMS’s central management system, allowing for a wide-ranging control over your network’s endpoints.

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Downloading the Installation File

To begin, you must navigate to the official Fortinet website to download the FortiClient VPN installation file. The software program is available for a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS. For Windows and macOS users, there is a VPN-only version installer designed to simplify setup for those who require only the VPN functionality.

During the download, note that the FortiClient VPN installer operates as a stub installer. This means that it will download the actual software installer from the internet within the installation process. Due to the nature of online installers, if you have specific security policies or reliability concerns, you can extract the MSI file post-download from the %ProgramData% or from the C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Local\Temp directory and store it in a secure repository for future installations.

Installation Process

Once the installation file is obtained, the setup of your FortiClient VPN is user-friendly and designed to enhance the user experience. The process is amply documented, guiding you through each step proficiently. When installing, you will be prompted to accept a disclaimer, focusing your initial setup on the VPN feature.

After accepting the terms, you can access comprehensive settings, resembling a full-featured FortiClient installation, and proceed to configure your new secure VPN connection. The clear and navigable user interfaces ensure that, whether you are an experienced IT professional or someone with less technical background, the installation will be an efficient task.

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Central Management and Integration with FortiClient EMS

For those seeking a more robust, integrated platform, FortiClient EMS elevates your control capabilities. Once installed, the FortiClient VPN can be managed centrally through FortiClient EMS—an essential component of the entire security landscape offered by the Fortinet Security Services. This not only streamlines deployment but also facilitates consistent policy enforcement, patch management, and endpoint monitoring.

If you are operating with licensed FortiClient EMS, you can initiate a Product Demo by clicking on ‘Try Now’ to experience firsthand the advantages of centralized management. Keep in mind that each endpoint registered will need a corresponding license seat on EMS, reinforcing Strong security measures and ensuring efficient management of the organization’s persistent threats.

Through these steps, you establish not just a reliable VPN connection but also set the stage for an end-to-end security solution that supports the fluid and safe operation of your enterprise’s mobile devices and remote access needs.

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Using FortiClient VPN

FortiClient VPN stands as a bastion of digital security, allowing users to establish a secure pathway to their corporate network regardless of where their work takes them. By leveraging industry-leading encryption and authentication protocols, FortiClient VPN ensures that each data packet transmitted is wrapped in a layer of unbreachable code, fostering a fortress-like protection around the information. This cryptographic shield ensures confidentiality, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized entities to decipher the communication, even if they somehow intercept it.

At the heart of this secure connection is a robust software developed by Fortinet, versatile enough to support both IPSec and SSL VPN Tunnel Mode connections. Whether you’re a Windows PC user interfacing with a FortiGate Firewall, or a Mac enthusiast obtaining the software from third-party authorized sites, FortiClient VPN’s steadfast commitment to secure, encrypted browsing, resource access, and communication holds firm.

Configuring VPN Connections

Setting up your VPN connection with FortiClient VPN is as intuitive as it is secure. Once you’ve downloaded and installed FortiClient on your device, initialization begins with accepting a straightforward disclaimer, post which you dive into the ‘New VPN Connection’ window. Here, users can choose SSL-VPN to fortify their connection, crafting a solid barrier against potential digital intruders.

To initiate an SSL VPN connection, you merely select your VPN from the drop-down list available on the Remote Access tab and input your unique credentials. This simple act of logging in activates the ramparts of your digital fortress, enabling a protected conduit between you and your network—a secure tunnel through which you can traverse the vast cyberspace with tranquility.

Accessing Geo-restricted Content

In today’s global digital landscape, geo-restrictions can often impede access to content. Fortunately, FortiClient VPN arises as a key to unlock this digital gridlock. By connecting to servers stationed in diverse regions, FortiClient VPN allows users to sidestep geographical barriers, offering a seamless conduit to content and streaming services that may otherwise be inaccessible.

The technology operates under the principle of IP masquerading, where your original IP is cloaked behind an IP reflecting the server’s location. This misdirection enables you to freely access and revel in an expansive array of online content, without the constraints of regional limitations. This freedom propels the user’s virtual explorations, enabling experiences that transcend physical borders.

Protecting Mobile Devices with FortiClient VPN

In this mobile-first era, securing VPN connections on handheld devices isn’t just a necessity—it’s imperative. FortiClient VPN provides a free and paid version, tailored to cater to mobile platforms, enveloping them in the same robust security protocols reputed in the desktop app. The app turns your mobile device into an impenetrable moving part of the corporate network, safeguarded with top-tier SSL VPN Tunnel Mode.

The mobile experience isn’t just siloed to VPN connectivity; it’s a holistic embrace of digital well-being. Real-time reporting becomes an added value, opening a window into your device’s activities—from malware interventions to tracking botnet dynamics. With FortiClient VPN, your mobile device isn’t just connected; it’s fortified, vigilant, and armed with insights that elevate your control over the cyber environment.

Maximizing Security with FortiClient VPN

When you download FortiClient VPN, you tap into a multifaceted security program that goes beyond basic VPN services. FortiClient leverages both SSL and IPSec protocols, ensuring that users enjoy secure and reliable communication channels to their corporate networks. This secure access is amplified by the advantage of multi-platform support, allowing operation on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices, thus accommodating diverse user preferences and enhancing overall connectivity.

To elevate security measures even further, FortiClient VPN integrates Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), requiring an additional verification step that drastically reduces the likelihood of unauthorized access. Moreover, the SSL VPN Tunnel Mode stands as a resilient barrier, encrypting data and safeguarding against cyber threats, making it a formidable tool for maintaining data confidentiality and integrity.

Understanding the Security Fabric and Security Services

The core strength of FortiClient VPN lies within its Security Fabric Agent, a lightweight yet powerful component that delivers comprehensive protection and compliance. This agent ensures seamless integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric, providing exceptional visibility and control over the device it protects. By using this integrated platform, users can monitor and manage their entire security landscape, from endpoint to network, with real-time reporting that offers insights into events like malware detections and botnet activities.

FortiSASE extends this capability into the cloud, offering Security Service Edge solutions like Universal ZTNA, CASB, and SWG, all unified under the FortiClient agent for centralized management. This integration of security services cements FortiClient VPN’s position as a robust guardian against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, giving users peace of mind and unparalleled protection.

Utilizing the Application Firewall

One of the key features of FortiClient VPN is the Application Firewall, which employs advanced intelligence to control application usage. This firewalls functionality employs the same categories as the renowned FortiGate, ensuring that traffic is consistently regulated across the board. Users benefit from enhanced security, with the ability to monitor, allow, or block application traffic, thereby preventing the execution of unwanted or risky applications.

The Application Firewall doesn’t just regulate; it also reacts by automating policy-based responses. For instance, it has the capability to quarantine compromised endpoints automatically, which is crucial in containing security incidents and preventing wider outbreaks. The visualization provided for software and behavioral activities offers an intuitive user experience that reinforces the security infrastructure.

Protecting Against Persistent Threats

With persistent threats being a major concern in the digital space, FortiClient VPN’s ability to integrate with advanced security measures is imperative. Collaborating with DefendEdges SiON, FortiClient uses machine learning to enhance threat detection and response. This partnership enables users to combat sophisticated cyber attacks ranging from malware to ransomware, without overtaxing system resources.

FortiClient VPN is more than just a virtual private network software; it’s a part of the formidable Fortinet Security Fabric, designed to offer not only visibility but also proactive prevention against threats. The software’s endpoint protection features fortify remote network connections, ensuring that devices are consistently under the watchful eye of vigilant cyber defenses. With the automation capabilities in managing security events, Fortinet’s security teams can promptly address incidents, maintaining a stronghold against threats that assail the digital fortresses of users.

Exploring Additional Options

Exploring additional options is an essential strategy for businesses looking to thrive in a competitive marketplace. It requires looking beyond the standard solutions to uncover new opportunities that could drive growth and expansion. Such exploration often involves delving into market research, scrutinizing consumer trends, and considering partnerships with other organizations to pinpoint potentially lucrative ventures. By evaluating a variety of options, businesses can broaden their product lines, venture into untapped markets, and adjust to evolving consumer needs. Being open to exploring additional possibilities enables a company to stay innovative, propelling it toward sustained industry success. Leaders who embrace this strategy must be flexible and willing to embrace new ideas as they navigate the path to alternative growth strategies.

Trial Version and VPN-only Version

For those seeking to test the capabilities of FortiClient VPN, a trial version is offered specifically for FortiGate administrators. This trial allows for the use of basic IPsec and SSL VPN functionalities without the need for EMS registration. Keep in mind, the trial version eschews central management, advanced features, and technical support but does incorporate support for SAML authentication protocols. On the other hand, to access the full array of features, FortiClient 7.2.3 mandates EMS registration, with each endpoint connecting to the network taking up one license seat within the EMS.

For a more streamlined option, a VPN-only installer is readily available for Windows and macOS users. This can also be crafted via FortiClient EMS. The free VPN-only client download is accessible through FNDN or and includes support for single sign-on mobility, simplifying user experience while maintaining strong security measures for remote connectivity.

Contacting Sales for More Information

When further information or personalized service is needed, reaching out to the sales team is straightforward and convenient. For immediate sales inquiries, interested parties can directly call (852) 2790 3689. Alternatively, there’s the option to send detailed inquiries via email to, or through fax at (852) 2790 3789. This multi-faceted contact approach emphasizes the company’s dedication to providing a comprehensive one-stop service solution for small to medium-sized businesses as well as larger enterprises across Hong Kong and Greater China.

Accessing Educational Material and Resource Center

Fortinet’s Resource Center stands as a beacon for users eager to bolster their knowledge with a plethora of educational materials. Here one can find extensive documents and resources at their disposal, including certification reports, insights into information security best practices, and federal compliance guidelines. For engaged customers, Fortinet’s gamified Data Defender Program offers a rewarding experience with valuable rewards, fostering a community of brand enthusiasts. Each of these resources underscores Fortinet’s commitment to not only securing their clients’ digital landscape but also enriching their partners’ technical expertise and knowledge base.


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