Watch NFL Games Online in 2024: Step-by-Step VPN Setup

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Are you a football fan who wants to catch all the NFL action even when you’re not at home? The evolving landscape of online streaming has made it easier than ever to watch your favorite NFL games no matter where you are. In 2024, the use of VPNs has become an essential tool for accessing NFL Game Pass and other international streaming services. Whether you’re traveling abroad or simply prefer the convenience of streaming on your favorite device, knowing how to set up a VPN for NFL Game Pass can enhance your viewing experience.

With the rise of NFL Game Pass International, football enthusiasts now have the opportunity to access a wealth of NFL content from outside the US. This expanded access comes with its own benefits and challenges, especially when it comes to navigating geo-restrictions and IP addresses. Understanding how to effectively use a VPN to access NFL Game Pass International can make a world of difference for fans looking to catch every game, no matter where they are.

In this article, we will dive into the world of NFL Game Pass, exploring its features, international access, and the use of VPNs to enhance your viewing experience. Whether you’re deciding between NFL Game Pass and NFL Sunday Ticket, or simply looking to access the service on different devices, we’ll provide step-by-step guidance to ensure you never miss a moment of gridiron action.

NFL Game Pass Overview

NFL Game Pass Overview

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NFL Game Pass is the ultimate streaming service for football enthusiasts, offering a treasure trove of NFL content. With two prime variants, NFL Game Pass and NFL Game Pass International, fans can enjoy a variety of features including live broadcasts, replays, and exclusive shows. The international version, accessible globally across over 200 countries, serves as an all-encompassing platform for NFL coverage, live out-of-market games, regular-season matchups, postseason excitement, and even the Super Bowl.

For fans in the US, NFL Game Pass showcases on-demand games after their conclusion, coupled with NFL Network programming. However, the International Game Pass takes it up a notch by providing live access to all 272 regular-season games, NFL RedZone, and additional content.

When it comes to watching NFL games without a cable subscription, Game Pass International is particularly handy. To unlock its full potential from the US, a VPN can be used to simulate an international IP address, bypassing geographical limitations and providing access to every game from preseason bouts to thrilling night games and everything in between.

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Key Features:

  • NFL Network & RedZone Access
  • Live & On-Demand Games
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices
  • Coverage of Regular Season, Playoffs, and Super Bowl

Note: VPN usage can counter geo-restrictions, offering a virtual passport to football games worldwide via a secure private network.

NFL Game Pass International

NFL Game Pass International is a premier choice for avid NFL fans residing outside the US, offering an extensive lineup of all 272 NFL games scheduled for the 2023 season. This service is part of the DAZN streaming platform and caters to a wide audience, allowing them to enjoy out-of-market games in numerous countries worldwide. The subscription prices for NFL Game Pass International vary by region, with the most cost-effective option being available in Brazil at a seasonal fee of $79.98.

The platform stands out for its comprehensive coverage, streaming every NFL match live, including all the highly anticipated playoff games. This makes it a more attractive and economical option compared to other services, such as NFL+ and NFL Sunday Ticket, which have certain limitations and often come with a higher price.

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Accessing NFL Game Pass from Outside the US

For fans wanting to access NFL Game Pass International from the US, employing a high-quality VPN to change their IP address is necessary. By connecting to a server location where NFL Game Pass International is accessible, such as Canada, viewers can unlock the entire suite of features offered by the service. Once connected, one must sign up for a DAZN account to continue streaming their favorite games live.

It is important to note that while accessing NFL Game Pass International from a region it’s not typically available requires a credible VPN, this process is simple and can be utilized to take advantage of the service’s cost-effective rates provided in certain countries, like Brazil.

Benefits of NFL Game Pass International

Opting for NFL Game Pass International delivers several benefits to the NFL fanbase:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Access to every one of the 272 scheduled NFL games, including all postseason contests.
  • Economical Pricing: The service offers one of the cheapest ways to enjoy NFL games, with seasonal access costing as low as $79.98 in Brazil.
  • Live and On-Demand Streaming: Subscribers get live streaming access to all NFL games and the convenience of on-demand replays.
  • Content Richness: Aside from games, fans can enjoy additional NFL content such as shows and analysis on the NFL Network.
  • Geo-flexibility: With a VPN, viewers can bypass geographical restrictions, making it unnecessary to physically relocate to enjoy the service.

NFL Game Pass International is not just an excellent way to watch football; it provides a cost-effective and feature-rich platform for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the sport they love. It’s a flexible option that, when paired with a VPN, offers unrestricted NFL entertainment no matter where you are.

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Streaming Services and IP Addresses

When it comes to streaming NFL games, services like Fubo TV, and NFL Game Pass play a pivotal role in how fans consume football content. These platforms use a viewer’s IP address to determine their geographic location, and consequently, what content they are allowed or not allowed to access, due to licensing agreements and broadcasting rights. Fans located in the US, for example, may find certain games unavailable due to local broadcasting regulations, commonly known as “blackouts.”

The IP address is akin to a digital fingerprint, unique to each internet-connected device, providing information about your internet service provider and geolocation. Streaming services utilize this information to enforce geo-restrictions, ensuring that their content is only accessible in regions where they hold distribution rights. This content distribution model ensures that streaming platforms are in compliance with contractual agreements with content providers.

Understanding IP addresses and Geo-restrictions

Geo-restrictions can be a significant hurdle for NFL enthusiasts. These regional blocks are employed by streaming services like Fox Sports to comply with exclusive licensing agreements, limiting viewership to a specific country or region. If you’re located outside of these designated countries, you won’t be able to access the games or additional content provided by services like NFL Game Pass.

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These regional blocks are based on your IP address, which signals to the streaming platform where you are in the world. If you’re trying to watch a game that’s not available in your current location, the streaming service will block access to its content. This means that fans outside of the US might have limited access to live games or may have to wait to watch replays based on their locality.

How to use a VPN to access NFL Game Pass International

The use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be a game-changer for NFL fans who face geo-restrictions. A VPN masks your IP address, essentially allowing you to change your virtual location to a region where your desired content is available. By connecting to a server in a country where NFL Game Pass International offers the full suite of games, you can effectively bypass these regional blocks.

Let’s break down the steps to access NFL Game Pass International using a VPN:

  1. Select a Reputable VPN: Providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN have a strong reputation for bypassing geo-blocks effectively, offering fast servers and dedicated IP locations which are essential for smooth streaming.
  2. Connect to the Right Server: You would need to connect to a server located in a country where the service is unrestricted. For example, if you’re aiming for the cheapest subscription plan, you would connect to a server in Brazil using your VPN.
  3. Account Subscription and Payment: Once connected to the VPN server, you’ll need to subscribe to NFL Game Pass International. Note that a local payment method for the country you’re connected to may be required.
  4. Enjoy the Games: With your VPN connected, and your subscription set up, you can start streaming live and on-demand NFL games just as if you were in your server’s location.
  5. Compliance: It’s always important to comply with the terms of service of your VPN provider and NFL Game Pass. While using a VPN to access out-of-market NFL games is legally tolerated, one must be aware of the potential for IP address blocking or temporary account suspensions as a consequence of violating the service’s terms.

A VPN not only unlocks the full potential of NFL Game Pass International but can also enhance your streaming experience by providing access to games and content that may otherwise be inaccessible. When paired with streaming-optimized servers from providers like NordVPN or ExpressVPN, you can enjoy a seamless and buffer-free streaming experience, regardless of your physical location.

NFL Game Pass vs. NFL Sunday Ticket

When evaluating the features and pricing of NFL Game Pass and NFL Sunday Ticket, it’s important to consider what each service offers and at what cost. NFL Sunday Ticket, available on YouTube TV, comes with a higher price tag—$249.12 more annually than NFL Game Pass via DAZN Canada. While NFL Sunday Ticket does not mandate the use of a VPN, its one-year minimum contract may be a deterrent for those seeking more flexibility. It’s worth noting that NFL Sunday Ticket excludes Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football, both of which are covered in the NFL Game Pass package through DAZN Canada.

On the other hand, NFL Game Pass via DAZN Canada offers short-term subscription plans, adding to its appeal for those hesitant to commit long-term. The inclusive nature of this package, providing coverage for all NFL games including Thursday and Monday night matchups, gives it a distinct edge over its counterpart.

Which option is best for football fans?

For avid football fans looking for comprehensive coverage, cost-effectiveness, and flexible subscription options, NFL Game Pass via DAZN Canada emerges as the superior choice. It presents a significant advantage for viewers who have no qualms about employing a VPN to access the full array of games, enjoying the savings and the convenience of short-term commitments. Additionally, the complete game coverage ensures fans will not miss any action, whether it’s afternoon games, primetime games, or postseason matches. The overall recommendation leans towards NFL Game Pass as the go-to choice for fans looking to maximize their NFL viewing experience.

Streaming Options for NFL Fans Without Cable

Accessing NFL Game Pass on Different Devices

NFL fans no longer need to be bound to their TV screens to catch the excitement of football games. With the integration of NFL Game Pass into the DAZN app, accessing every game and NFL original content has become increasingly convenient. Subscribers can stream content on a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. However, some restrictions apply depending on your geographical location.

When it comes to live in-market games on Sunday afternoons and primetime games on mobile devices, NFL+ stands out by allowing viewers to watch their home team’s broadcast. Fans outside of a team’s local market, or looking to follow multiple teams, may encounter limitations. To circumvent these market-based restrictions, the use of a VPN is key. For example, a reliable VPN service like NordVPN can change your IP address, suggesting to the DAZN app that you’re accessing from a different location where the games are available to watch live.

Accessing NFL Game Pass on Gaming Consoles and Streaming Devices

Streaming NFL games isn’t just confined to traditional or mobile screens. Gaming consoles and other streaming devices also offer an immersive way to experience live NFL action. To unlock the full potential of NFL Game Pass on these devices, especially for fans within the US where certain games might be blocked, a VPN is an essential tool.

NordVPN, hailed for its fast and reliable service, can help you navigate past geo-restrictions. By simply downloading it onto your gaming console or streaming device, you can connect to a server location outside of the US, ensuring access to every live NFL game on the NFL Game Pass platform. This method essentially mimics accessing the platform from a place where all games are live and unrestricted.

Alternatively, Surfshark presents another effective solution for dedicated viewers. After installing the VPN, users can connect to a server in a country like Australia where platforms like 7plus stream live NFL games for free, providing an avenue for unfettered access to NFL Game Pass content. This workaround is quite attractive for those who seek an international viewing experience and a broader selection of live NFL games without additional costs.

Both NordVPN and Surfshark offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving users peace of mind to test the service risk-free. For gaming consoles and streaming device users, this approach not only enhances the NFL viewing experience but also extends the capabilities of their equipment, transforming them into powerful gateways to global NFL coverage.

Additional NFL Game Pass Features

NFL lovers seeking an in-depth football experience will find the extensive offerings of NFL Game Pass quite enticing. It’s not just about live action; with NFL Game Pass, enthusiasts can dive into a comprehensive library of past games, ensuring they never miss the excitement of a single play. Highlights and exclusive content are readily accessible, providing on-demand access to relish every moment of NFL glory. The ability to replay games extends even to postseason clashes, offering a chance to analyze every crucial playoff moment.

For those who crave a deeper understanding of the game, NFL+ Premium steps in with a feature that’s often reserved for the pros—access to game film used by coaches and analysts. This perk provides an unparalleled perspective on game strategies and player performances, giving fans an insider’s view of the NFL.

With features like NFL RedZone included in NFL+ Premium subscriptions, viewers get to experience the exhilaration of scoring plays across the league, enhancing Sundays with a comprehensive, edge-of-your-seat viewing experience. Subscribers can replay regular season and postseason games, indulging in all the pivotal plays that define a season.

Replays of games and postseason games

NFL Game Pass ensures that fans have the luxury of reliving every matchup with its comprehensive replay feature. With this service, you can watch replays of all regular season and postseason games, including the Super Bowl. For those who can’t catch the live games or simply want to analyze a game further, this is an invaluable resource.

NFL+ Premium adds another layer to the fan experience by providing access to not just replays but also NFL RedZone. This feature encapsulates the thrill of NFL Sundays by offering cut-ins of every scoring drive from around the league, ensuring fans don’t miss a single touchdown.

Primetime and night games on NFL Game Pass

Night games have a special aura in the NFL, and with NFL Game Pass, fans won’t miss any of these primetime matchups. Access to exclusive night games, including the much-anticipated Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and special Saturday Night games on the NFL Network, is a key feature of the service. All regular season primetime and night games are available to subscribers outside the US via NFL Game Pass International, which offers a gateway to every corner of the NFL universe under the lights.

To watch primetime and night games without interruption, a reliable VPN is a game-changer. It allows viewers to circumvent geographical restrictions, unlocking the ability to stream from any part of the globe. Fans looking to watch AFC and NFC games on Sunday afternoons, Sunday Night Football, and even NFL RedZone can seamlessly enjoy these features on various devices, from smartphones to smart TVs, with the help of a proficient VPN. NFL Game Pass coupled with a robust VPN ensures an unmatched viewing experience, giving access to all that NFL has to offer—whenever and wherever you desire.


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