What does always on VPN mean?

What does always on VPN mean?

Normally, if you want to use a VPN, you will need to reconnect to it every time you access the internet. This means that you are only protected when you protected once you have taken the relevant action. There is another solution, though. This is the ‘always on VPN’.

An ‘always on VPN’ is turned on constantly. You will often have to tinker with various settings on your phone or computer but, once you have done that, you never have to worry about connecting to a VPN again. Your computer will automatically send your data through a VPN as soon as you connect to the internet.

Always one with more than one devices

What does always on VPN mean?

With an ‘always-on’ VPN, you do not have to reconnect to your VPN each time you wish to use it. You will be inserting VPN details into your computer system or on your phone. The computer will then use the IP address that you type into your system to connect to the internet. This will ensure that your internet connection is masked.

This is something that you can do with all modern operating systems and phones. Some web browsers, including Google Chrome, will also allow you to insert VPN details directly into it. In some cases, you can even use your VPN details on a games console.

No sensitive information is leaked

While ‘always on’ VPN connections can be used by anybody, they are more common with employees that work from home. It ensures a secure connection to and from the businesses’ servers. This ensures that no sensitive information is leaked out. Do bear in mind that if you are using it for personal connections, your IP will not change. This will make it difficult to access online streaming services and other services that look into IP usage.

Using an ‘always-on’ VPN does take a little bit more effort than using your standard VPN, at least during the initial set-up. You will need to edit a few settings on your computer or phone. However, once it has been set-up, you no longer need to worry about it. Your VPN will just work whenever you wish.

What does always on VPN mean?

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What Is a VPN and Why Would I Use It?

Many people are wondering what I use my VPN for, or how they can use it too. I will explain what a VPN is and why you should use it on your computer to access online content.

Basically, when you have a VPN it means that you have a secure network and it makes sure that your information is protected. The internet is insecure at the moment and it means that hackers and other people who don’t want to get caught can do what they want.

VPN for when you are online

If you are online then you need to make sure that you have a secure connection as you would not want someone watching your every move. A VPN is just like a virtual private network. This allows you to browse the web and do all of the normal things you normally do on the internet but with an added layer of security.

A VPN is used by millions of people around the world and many people like to use it to watch TV on their PC or laptop. You see if you have a good VPN then you will never have to worry about your online safety, your data is safe, and even your emails can be encrypted.

So if you want to watch TV on your PC or laptop, then you should try using a VPN on your internet connection.


Do I use a VPN? Yes of course! I've been online for many years, and I have used multiple different VPN services over now and in the past. Be clever and use a good VPN all the time.

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