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If you want to protect your privacy, secure your data, and unblock geo-restricted content, then using a VPN is one of the best solutions. These services stop Edge from tracking your activities, blocking ads, and protecting personal information from being leaked by third parties.

The best VPNs for Microsoft Edge offer strong encryption protocols, ad-blockers and other security features. Furthermore, these services are compatible with multiple devices and operating systems – so you can use your subscription on any device without any limitations.

Best Microsoft Edge VPN in 2023: CyberGhost

CyberGhost is an ideal option for those seeking a VPN with a large server network and strong security, as well as one with Microsoft Edge browser extension support. Plus, CyberGhost offers a money-back guarantee so you can try it out without any risk.

CyberGhost utilizes AES-256-CBC encryption to keep your connection private and unbreakable, along with the SHA-256 cryptographic function for authentication. The service is accessible in more than 91 countries around the world, including the US and Canada.

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CyberGhost for Windows boasts an impressive menu that allows users to connect to various specialized servers, including dedicated IP and NoSpy options. Furthermore, split tunneling and a kill switch are provided as additional features.

CyberGhost’s Windows app is an ideal option for users who want to customize their security and privacy settings, though it should be noted that the program stores some information about hardware. This helps it track which devices you’re connected to at a given time without requiring you to grant permissions for doing so.

You can opt to enable an ad-blocker, which will stop ads from following you around the web and making it easier to browse without worrying about them causing slowdowns.

Best VPN for Windows
Best VPN for Windows

Overall, CyberGhost’s mobile client is user-friendly and works smoothly on Android. It requests location permission – an unusual request for a VPN – but this is necessary in order for the app to detect Wi-Fi hotspots.

CyberGhost’s mobile app offers a host of useful features for users on-the-go, such as malware protection and an alert tool that alerts when apps need updating. Plus, with seven simultaneous connections and 24/7 customer support available, CyberGhost guarantees an enjoyable browsing experience.

PIA VPN has its Headquarters in the United States

Private Internet Access is a dependable VPN service that offers great value for money. It boasts various features suitable for both novices and more experienced users alike, including its strict no-logs policy, ample servers in both the US and Europe, as well as compatibility with all major devices.

PIA’s headquarters in the United States make it a desirable option for Americans and those attempting to circumvent geo-blocking on streaming services like Netflix. Furthermore, as one of few VPN providers not located in a privacy-unfriendly country, PIA can secure its users’ data through encryption.

For most people CyberGhost VPN is a great choice.

This VPN offers a reliable and customizable encryption algorithm and protocol, which is essential for online security. By default, the service utilizes AES-128 bit encryption; however, it also supports 256-bit AES and other stronger algorithms.

It also offers a range of security tools, such as a kill switch that automatically disconnects the user’s connection in case their VPN connection drops. This is an advantageous feature over VPNs without it, since it prevents users from losing connectivity to websites or services they rely on if their VPN connection goes down.

Another essential element of online security is IP address masking, which allows you to conceal your identity and location while browsing the web. PIA’s VPN masks your IP address by redirecting your traffic through their servers to make it appear that you are connecting from another country. This enables access to restricted content while protecting personal information from being collected, sold or accessed by authorities.

PIA also offers an email breach scanner, which lets you check whether your email address has been secure from any security breaches. This feature is especially beneficial for those with sensitive data stored in their mailboxes and want to ensure it remains protected from malicious hackers.

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NordVPN & Surfshark – great in California

Tourism is the main economic driver in California, so internet users must exercise extreme caution when browsing and use VPNs to protect their personal information. To do so, they need a VPN with essential features like obfuscation, no logs policy, P2P support, streaming capabilities and a kill switch.

NordVPN and Surfshark are two top-notch VPN providers that meet all these criteria. Both have fast connections, security features, and plenty of servers in California to give you the best online experience.

Security-wise, both VPNs provide a range of encryption methods and protocols. The most robust is AES 256-bit encryption which is virtually unbreakable. This process encrypts all data on your device, keeping your identity hidden from hackers and identity theft schemes.

VPN Price Comparison 2024

Company1 Month6 Months1 Year2 Year3 Year-
CyberGhost$12,99$6,99-$2,19-Visit Website
NordVPN$11,99-$4,99$3,69-Visit Website

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ExpressVPN$12,95$9,99$8,32--Visit Website
SurfShark$12,95-$3,99$2,49-Visit Website
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$3,99-Visit Website

Furthermore, they feature military-grade DDoS protection to keep you secure from malicious hackers. This is particularly useful in gaming, where DDoS attacks can quickly take down a game.

Both VPNs boast excellent customer support. Both offer 24/7 live chat and email assistance as well as comprehensive knowledge bases and tutorials for their users.

Finally, both services offer apps for PCs and Macs which can be downloaded. These operating system-specific apps offer similar features such as a visual map of available servers; however, NordVPN’s app is faster due to its implementation of the next-gen WireGuard tunneling protocol.

Both VPNs offer an attractive price and can be paid for with either cryptocurrencies or cash. Furthermore, both offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try them out without any cost and decide if they meet your requirements.

Reasons to use a VPN together with Microsoft Edge

A VPN is an excellent way to protect your privacy and prevent tracking on the web. It helps hide your location, stops websites from collecting browsing data, and unblocks geo-restricted content. Furthermore, it keeps your internet connection secure from hacking or ISP throttling.

Microsoft Edge comes equipped with a free-to-use built-in VPN, Cloudflare-powered, that lets you browse anonymously on the web. This creates a secure connection and helps protect against phishing attacks and malware downloads.

Unfortunately, the built-in VPN isn’t perfect and if you want to be completely private while using Edge, a more powerful and reliable option is required. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent alternatives available on the market.

CyberGhost – Extremely user-friendly, super fast and secure. Provides great multi-platform support as well as a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

IPVanish – IPVanish is one of the fastest VPN services, boasting over 2,000 servers in 60 countries. Plus, they provide an unlimited number of connections and a kill switch for added safety.

PrivateVPN – Capable of handling multiple connections and offering strong privacy capabilities. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and their apps work across all devices.

PIA VPN – With its headquarters in California, this VPN provider is an ideal option for those based in California. With an expansive network spanning 90 countries and support for various platforms like Netflix and Hulu, PIA provides plenty of coverage.

A VPN can be incredibly helpful when it comes to protecting your privacy. It makes accessing geo-restricted content much simpler, especially if you’re traveling and can’t watch what you want in your home country. Furthermore, using a VPN helps avoid Internet Service Provider throttling or DDoS attacks that might otherwise go undetected.

Is Edge better than Chrome in respect to privacy?

Chrome and Edge, two of the world’s most popular web browsers, share many similarities. Both provide a plethora of useful features that are user-friendly; however, there are some subtle distinctions between them.

One major distinction between Edge and Chrome is their privacy settings and security updates. Both browsers offer “do not track” requests to websites, but Edge provides more options for managing your privacy. Furthermore, it has more advanced privacy controls as well as a more straightforward graphical user interface for managing these settings.

One major benefit of Microsoft Edge is its support for profiles, which enable you to create multiple user accounts on one computer and share certain settings or preferences between them. This feature comes in handy in businesses where multiple people often access similar files and programs on different machines.

Edge not only features profiles, but it also has tab management and collection features. These can be useful for organizing and sharing links, images or copy-and-paste text.

The only disadvantage to these features is that they may obstruct browsing, as many tabs will overlap each other. Furthermore, when the number of tabs exceeds the screen’s capacity, each one will automatically shrink to a smaller size and disappear off-screen.

Some may find this an issue, but it doesn’t need to be a deal-breaker for others. In fact, the new version of Edge can even be used by screen readers! Ultimately, personal preference and how you customize your browser are the ultimate deciding factors here.

Server lists in the United States

PIA server list

US Chicago, US Silicon Valley, US New York, US Phoenix, US Dallas, US Los Angeles US Washington DC, US Seattle, US Las Vegas, US Trenton, US Houston, US Miami, US Atlanta, US Denver, US Wilmington, US Baltimore, US Honolulu, US Salt Lake City, US Birmingham, US Louisville, US Charlotte, US Columbia, US Nashville, US Virginia Beach, US Charleston US Little Rock, US New Orleans, US Wichita, US Jackson, US Albuquerque, US Oklahoma City US Kansas City, US Portland - Maine, US Boston, US Concord, US Bridgeport, US Burlington US Providence, US Philadelphia, US Billings, US Fargo, US Portland - Oregon, US Boise US Indianapolis, US Des Moines, US Detroit, US Minneapolis, US Omaha, US Milwaukee US Columbus, US Sioux Falls, US Anchorage, US Cheyenne
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PrivadoVPN Server list

Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington DC

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NordVPN server list

Atlanta, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Manassas, Miami, New York Phoenix, Saint Louis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle
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CyberGhostVPN server list (1353 servers in US)

Atlanta (66 servers), Chicago (56 servers),Dallas (70 servers), Las Vegas (62 servers), Los Angeles (124 servers), Miami (113 servers), New York (442 servers), Phoenix (52 servers) San Francisco (45 servers), Seattle (47 servers), Washington (276 servers)
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ExpressVPN server list

USA - Atlanta, USA - Chicago, USA - Dallas, USA - Dallas - 2, USA - Denver, USA - Lincoln Park, USA - Los Angeles - 1, USA - Los Angeles - 2, USA - Los Angeles - 3, USA - Los Angeles - 5, USA - Miami, USA - Miami - 2, USA - New Jersey - 1, USA - New Jersey - 2, USA - New Jersey - 3, USA - New York, USA - Phoenix, USA - Salt Lake City, USA - San Francisco USA - Santa Monica, USA - Seattle, USA - Tampa - 1, USA - Washington DC
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Atlas VPN server list

Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Phoenix
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PureVPN server list

Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Houston, Atlanta, Washington DC, Ashburn, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City
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